How to Use a Content Generator on a Website?

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With the new Content Generation Plugin, now you can create custom content for your Joomla or WordPress site very quickly. Content Generation uses your already existing content rather than pulling data from the internet. This means that you can create highly SEO-friendly articles without having to deal with Search Engine warnings, Webmaster Tools alerts or other errors.


There are many advantages of using this kind of content: Joomla, WordPress, and Blogger are not just blogging platforms, but they are great content generators too. The Content Generation plugin enables you to combine these tools with a simple plug-in for added functionality and for the creation of original articles.


If you already have an existing blog or website, you may be wondering how you could add content to it with just few clicks. You can build the content in an array of templates in WordPress, with one click. Just select the template of your choice, and add the relevant content.


Using the Content Generation plugin is a little more advanced, since it’s built on the concept of the WYSIWYG editor, which is similar to the Windows XP or Mac OS X version of Microsoft Office Word. Here you can insert text and images in any format and the whole content will be in one place.


The only difference between the software and Word is that the content will be generated based on a predefined set of keywords. You may want to use the WordPress version of the plugin if your website is designed in WordPress. Otherwise you may need to download and install Joomla or WordPress to make use of the Content Generation plugin.


It is very easy to use this type of content generator. All you need is a Joomla or WordPress website, a user account, and a username and password. When you click on the generate button, you will see a preview screen. The preview screen will show all the available settings and the available template options.


The generated content will be saved as a.wysiwg file. To use this file, you can either use your WordPress website or Joomla editor. In the WordPress website you can select the default template or select the generated template and copy the contents.


If you want to use the Joomla editor, you need to install the Content Generation plugin and then go to its settings. To create a new page in Joomla, use the default template, fill in the required information. The generator will create a page for you automatically.


Once you are done with your page, the generator will save it as generated content. Then you need to visit your site to view the new generated content. To use your new generated content, simply open a text editor (e.g. WordPad) or your favorite browser and click on the link which will appear.


There are several templates that are available to choose from, and the generated content can be modified at will. To add some custom graphics to the page, just select a suitable picture and paste the graphic and then enter the image URL or your own custom code.


Another option for using your article generator online is to upload the generated content to a WordPress blog. If you have an already-installed blog, this should be simple and easy.


However, if your website is not yet installed on WordPress, you need to download and install the plugin in order to generate the generated content. Then, just go to the plugins section of the WordPress home page. You can select the ‘generate content’ link.


You will be able to click on this link and then follow the instructions provided. This will take you to the option ‘download file’ and download the generated content.